Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into known points along the meridians in order to stimulate or tonify qi. In other words, Acupuncture manipulates your energy flow to restore balance which in turn re-establishes health. Only disposable needles are used at this clinic. The Poon Family Clinic specialises in acupuncture.

Session Cost: $115.00 – Initial Consultation, $85.00 thereafter. Concession and children under 16 $70.00 thereafter.

The effective use of Acupuncture has been documented for over two thousand years and many estimate it has been practiced for over five thousand years. Its exact origins are unknown but China appears to be the most likely source, although it has long histories in many Asian countries. Over the last century, it has made great strides in infiltrating the Western hemisphere. If its efficacy was in doubt it would have been a relic of the past many years ago, as many unsuccessful medical models and therapies have been before it. However it has shown itself to be useful for many people, for an extensive variety of ailments and has become the preferred medical model for many intelligent, well educated Westerners today.


The science of acupuncture has now divided itself into two categories: The first is one of straight traditional diagnosis and point selection, whereby the clinician will diagnose the patient with energy signs and symptoms and classify their disease into an energy diagnosis. The second is a new system whereby the patient is diagnosed more from the point of view of physical and chemical signs and symptoms, making use of modern Western technology, and then treated with points selected using this modern Western diagnosis.

Both systems are legitimate and have taken their place in the modern world. Those working with the second system are in the vanguard of research and publications. This has established a huge data base of research, cementing the efficacy of acupuncture in the minds of the scientific community as well as the general public. In the 29 years since Warwick first began practicing, it has allowed the traditionalists to be clinically effective without the need for constantly defending their medicine.

Traditional acupuncture the way that Warwick applies it, requires a minimum number of needles, and rarely requires herbal treatment as well. That means that in many cases a patient can be fixed with only a few sessions of needles, with as little as two or three needles per session. For most problems the optimum start is for the first four sessions to be carried out in the first two weeks, and then weekly till the problem is gone. However it is important to make a prognosis, and this can usually be done within the first four treatments. It is difficult to make a reasonable prognosis without first seeing how the patient is responding to a course of acupuncture but once the results can be seen, a good estimate can be deduced. The number of treatments will of course vary depending on the problem as well as the patient’s energy structure.