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Poon Family Clinic

has been serving the community for nearly 30 years. Warwick Poon is an acupuncturist who founded the clinic back in 1987.  He also teaches Medical Qigong and offers Chinese Five Element Counselling and Mora Therapy. His wife, Aine Marron, is a Transpersonal Counsellor, Sandplay therapist and Meditation Teacher. 

  • What is Chinese Medicine?
The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) view of the body and how it works is unique and somewhat bizarre to the average western mind!  Most people can accept that we have energy (Chi) lines coursing through our bodies in channels called meridians.  But the intellect is somewhat challenged by the notion that invasions of simple phenomenon such as cold or heat can cause such things as Multiple Schlerosis or Asthma!  TCM proposes that all Illness and some injury/pain is caused by an imbalance in the flow of qi.  Excess qi can be as detrimental as deficient qi, hence acupucture aims to either stimulate or tonify it. Stagnation of qi almost always causes pain, which is why acupuncture can be so helpful with it.    As well as the meridians, each organ of the body is a storehouse of energy and there are patterns in which they are supposed to relate.  For example Kidney energy is supposed to feed liver energy—if it doesn’t or if kidney is deficient and only semi-feeds liver, symptoms appear.  TCM mirrors psychoneuroimmunology—a long word for mind/body/spirit medicine—in that each organ has a physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual function.  For example, the large intestine is responsible for discharging waste material, not only organic but emotional and spiritual also.  If one is constipated (and in TCM that means that if one eats 3 meals a day one should have 3 bowel movements per day—anything less is constipation) then there is a good chance that one is holding on to thoughts and emotions that it would be better to let go of.  Letting go is not something we Westerners are particularly good at—so acupuncture can help!  Sometimes the imbalance can be subtle, sometimes dramatic.  TCM works well as a preventative treatment.


  • Acupuncture
Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into known points along the meridians in order to stimulate or tonify qi.  In other words, Acupuncture manipulates your energy flow to restore balance which in turn re-establishes health.  Only disposable needles are used at this clinic. The Poon Family Clinic specialises in acupuncture.
  • Session Cost: $115.00 – Initial Consultation, $85.00 thereafter.  Concession and children under 16 $70.00 thereafter.
  • Counselling  & Energy Psychology
Transpersonal Counselling & Energy Psychology employ methods that safely bypass natural defence mechanisms and thus unleash some of the hidden aspects of the psyche that can block us from forward movement or inner peace. It can often be difficult to recognise the myths we have unconsciously created about ourselves and others, and hence we find ourselves with patterns that worked for us in the past, but may no longer be effective or serving us today.  In the West we tend to give our mind dominance over our mental and emotional well-being whilst completely ignoring the body. Analytical talk-therapies can be very helpful and are certainly used here, but we also use Transpersonal and Energy Psychology techniques to listen more directly to the wisdom of the body.  The body is the storehouse of the unconscious so it makes sense to listen to it or to give it a method of expression. Methods used here include: Focusing, IFS, Sandplay & Symbolism, EFT (Tapping), Dreamwork, Guided Visualisation and Meditation, to name a few.
  • Session Cost: 1 Hr $70 ($60 Conc). 1.5hrs $99 ($85 Conc).
  • Mora Therapy
Mora Therapy  is the use of a Mora Machine which was designed in Germany.  Fundamentally it is based on a combination of the principles of Chinese Medicine and Homeopathy.  The machine reads your energy patterns—much like a sine/cosine graph and feeds back to you the inverse of your pattern, thus balancing its extremes.  It also has special features for diagnosing and treating allergies, geo-stress and can even anti-dote the energetic side-effects of Western Medicines, including chemotherapy and antibiotics. Session Cost: $115.00 – Initial Consultation, $85.00 thereafter.  
  • Sports Medicine
Warwick is a keen sportsman with a high level of appreciation for people wanting to recover quickly from their sports injuries. A large proportion of Sports Injuries are attributable, at least in part, to blood deficiency.  Blood, both the quality and quantity of it, is a key feature of health within TCM.  Therefore the management of its production and the ability to manipulate it to points of injury is an art TCM has perfected.  Muscles, tendons and ligaments are all helped by acupuncture to speed recovery.
  • Chinese Psychology
From a TCM viewpoint, each organ has both a physical and psychological function.  Acupuncture can assist with emotional states such as grief, depression, bi-polar disorder, anger management and low self-esteem.  TCM’s unique way of understanding the human condition can also give us valuable insights into our relationships and help us to see ourselves and others just as we are….a kind of psyche blue print, which if nothing else helps us not to have unreasonable expectations of ourselves and others.     
  • Children’s Therapies
A child’s meridians are still forming up to the age of 7 and therefore acupuncture is not advisable.  However for infants there is a massage technique and for older children there is the option of laser acupuncture—which of course is a very low powered laser, just enough to stimulate a point—no burning involved—we promise!   

Location: 4 Parkview Terrace, Lysterfield South, VIC 3156

The Clinic is well situated in a quiet paradise 3 minutes from the Monash Freeway. Bookings are essential. Off-street parking is available free of charge. We suggest you take a 15 minute walk after your treatment in the 8 acre park behind the clinic.