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Understanding Your Life – A Patient’s Guide to Chinese Medicine – by Warwick Poon 

This book could almost have been entitled “Everything you ever wanted to know about Chinese Medicine – but didn’t know how to ask”.  It will certainly answer some of life’s questions you don’t even know you have.  It came to exist as a result of the author answering his patient’s questions in clinic in the form of short, take home essays aimed at helping them to understand and remember some of the contributing factors to their ailments/dilemmas. It can be used as a self-help guide with sign-posts for every stage of life, from birth to death. Whether you are seeking a mate, planning a baby, raising a teen, are a teen, or just looking to improve relationships and health in general – it has something to offer.  

Understanding Your Life is a guided tour of life from conception to death. Your guide is Warwick Poon, a gentle, compassionate, humble man who shares his wisdom about life through the lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Drawing on his own wealth of experience as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the author explains the perspectives of this ancient tradition on subjects as diverse as self-discipline, relationships, human growth and development, parenting and sex. Originally written as a series of essays this book is drawn together with a narrative thread of life from ‘How to make the best baby you can’ to ‘Death’. The reader can choose to select a chapter of interest or can read from cover to cover.

Excerpt from Foreward

Understanding Your Life is an intensely personal book with a disarming frankness and honesty. The author shares from his heart some very practical lifestyle advice without any agenda or gestures towards political correctness. This lifestyle advice is always underpinned by explanations drawn from ancient Chinese medical and cultural traditions to help the reader to understand the rationale behind the advice.

Understanding Your Life has something for everyone because it is fundamentally all about our shared experience of being human from cradle to grave.

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