Qi Gong


Qi Gong is an ancient mind/body art which is thought to have given rise to many of the Chinese healing sciences. It is without doubt the father of Tai Chi. Some believe that it was by practicing Qi Gong that special abilities were developed enabling the masters to see the meridians in the body which gave birth to the science of Acupuncture. Likewise, they could see the effects of plants and herbs on the body – which gave rise to Chinese herbal medicine.

At last count, there were over 450 forms of Qi Gong being taught in China. One way to classify them is into the five major schools of Qi Gong: Medical, Martial arts, Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian. Another way Qi Gong is categorised is into Active and Passive Qi Gong—the latter being mainly still postures emphasising meditation.

Warwick Poon teaches predominantly Medical Qi Gong, with a variety of both active and passive Qi Gong. His two most popular programs are Dancing with the Cosmos and Shangri-la.  These are foundational techniques which are incredibly healing to the body and mind. Another technique is known as Silver Lining Qi Gong which literally expands the meridians down to the capillary level and allows qi to move more freely throughout the body. 

Dancing with the Cosmos is a 6 week course that teaches you a form of self-healing Qi Gong that is equivalent to a generic acupuncture treatment in that it balances your qi with the qi of the day. It is excellent for when you find yourself out of range of your acupuncturist and coming down with a bug or a bout of depression. Practitioners are often amazed at how effective it is in combating symptoms. See the here page for more details.

 Shangri-la Qi Gong is a form that helps to build energy, to replenish qi or life-force. It can therefore be helpful in the healing of almost all conditions that are due to deficient energy. See here for more details.  Silver Lining Qi Gong “dredges” the  meridians, thus expanding the quantity of qi they carry. This aids healing in a myriad of ways and one notices such things as rapid repair of pulled tendons and ligaments, sun burn or small cuts. Likewise it benefits emotional repair – recovery from emotional body blows is quicker and less painful.  It is preferable though not essential for people to learn Dancing with the Cosmos first before learning Shangri-la Qi Gong. It is essential that students learn either Dancing with the Cosmos or Shangri-la Qi Gong before learning Silver Lining Qi Gong.