Silver Lining Qigong

The body has a network of invisible vein-like channels that carry your qi to all the organs, limbs, skin etc. Silver Lining Qi Gong “dredges” your meridians so that they expand and allow more qi to flow into your veins and capillaries. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine viewpoint, this improves so many aspects of health – including an emotional  sillver lining component – just as physical bruising repairs quickly, so also does emotional bruising. Overall improved Qi circulation shows up in many ways such as sun burn not hurting any more, sprains and strains repair very quickly. Unlike the Level 1 techniques, this is doing more than just healing. It is fortifying your qi and making it just a little “super-human”.  This is an excellent form for healers and service workers.              

Dates for 2017 have not yet been set as they are usually influenced by the availability of previous students. If Silver lining is something you are keen to learn, contact us and we can place your name on the list of people to be notified.

Prerequisites: Students must complete Dancing with the Cosmos and Shangri-la Qigong before attending this course.