We are all by now familiar with the concept of Qi or energy and the fact that it flows through meridians or channels around the body. Concentrated Qi is called Jing and is also translated as life-force. The amount of life-force is believed to be determined at conception and it is said to be finite. When it runs out—we die. Depending on how we manage its expenditure and how much stress life presents, what food we eat, the quality of air we breath — all these factors and many more contribute to the pace at which we consume our precious Jing.

Shangri-La Qi Gong can be somewhat considered as cheating that system. It is designed to increase our Jing. In everyday Traditional Chinese Medicine language this equates to building Qi, particularly Kidney energy—so we repair the body better, we sleep better, become more fearless and we deal with stress better. Hence, we feel younger. Oh and if you have difficulty finding the discipline to practice this is the practice for you!  

This is a 7 week course – Cost $399. (Concession $359).

The 2017 dates have not yet been scheduled and will depend on this year’s students requirement.