Unconditional Love

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & FORGIVENESS                                                         

As humans, we are designed to offer each other unconditional love – this is what makes us happiest. When we find ourselves unable to offer this to someone, or ourselves – it could be said that there is always something that needs to be forgiven. From the time we are children we are taught that it is good to forgive, we should forgive.  Few of us however are ever taught How to forgive

In extreme cases, some people would actually rather die than forgive – it can be that difficult.

Here at the clinic, we teach a method of forgiveness that is over 2,000 years old. It is simple, effective and profound. It has been used in prison systems with amazing results of shifting the re-offence rate from 80% to 20%. 

  • How to tap in to the well of unconditional love we were born to transmit.
  • How the concept of sin has been mistranslated through the ages
  • How important language is in our understanding of forgiveness.
  • That forgiving is not condoning the bad behaviour.
  • That the forgiven don’t even have to know they have been forgiven!

3 Sessions by appointment – 

Cost:      $75 each